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Millions of teeth whitening kits sold and millions of customers with bright white smiles!

Obviously because we have such a long history of selling our kits, the LONGEST actually, we have received MANY testimonials.

Here are a few of them to give you an idea of what our very happy customers are saying.

Once you try Dr George’s Dental White™ you’ll be so thrilled with your results, you too will want to let us know how it’s changed your life . . . so please feel free to send us your testimonial.

We have thousands of testimonials but can not show them all on the site because it would simply take too long to load! If you want more, contact us - we are happy to provide.

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Dental White™ from Smile 4 You

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Remember we are FDA registered and APPROVED IN THE UK, been on Oprah 5 times and rated #1 teeth whitening by the Daily Mail!

We are happy to send your our kit QUICKLY in discreet packaging and sent TODAY! We are based in the UK so your order will be with you quickly. Why wait for a perfect smile? Within just a few days you will already be a few shades lighter. In 2 weeks that will be 11 shades lighter.

Latest Before & After Photos

Some recent before and after photos are shown below - these have been taken after only 14 days!

We are the ONLY teeth whitening kit available which was asked to feature on Oprah Winfrey 5 times (we are also FDA registered and approved in the UK). The choice is easy.

Would you like whiter teeth? All you need to do is place your order online and we will send you your own kit (quick delivery for all of the USA and worldwide delivery available).

Latest Written Testimonials


I have been a big, big fan of the kit I bought from Smile 4 You for about 6 years now and would not use anything else. I have been so impressed with the results and the service I have received from Smile 4 You that I have created a video on my You Tube Video Channel.

Liz Debono - Malta October 2014


I have been a huge fan since Dental White was featured on the Oprah show back in 2005. This product really does everything it says it can do and my teeth are not sensitive which wasn't the case when I used Crest Whitestips in the past.

Also you really get so much for your money. I hope you all have as amazing results as I did!!!

Anne Moore - London September 2015

We have sold millions ok kits and got thousands of testimonials.
Contact us if you want more!

Dental White™ from Smile 4 You

have been whitening teeth

since 1989

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I have used many different teeth whitening products, but the stuff I bought from Smile 4 You has given the best results! I loved it.

Tina Ng - Hong Kong August 2015


I found this product whilst browsing online 2 years ago. I was looking to get my teeth whitened but going to a dentist was just going to cost too much - about $200. So I bought the kit online for $30 and thought id give it a go.

No joke, this really works. I get so many compliments and I smile with confidence, my teeth are really white! Awesome.

Stanley Jewett - Dublin June 2015

Dental White™ from Smile 4 You

have been whitening teeth

since 1989

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Thank You! This Teeth Whitening System is great and does exactly what it says. My teeth were really yellow from smoking and red wine and they look great now.

Shirley Carlisle - Hull August 2015


It works BETTER than my dentist's!! The Gel inside the Teeth Whitening System I purchased from Smile 4 You is the only true way to accomplish the results the professionals use, and guess what... it contains more than most the pros use!!

You will laugh yourself silly after just 4-6 days of using this product.

Sean Molloy - Dublin June 2015


I find it very easy to maintain white teeth by using the teeth kit I purchased from Smile 4 You once or twice a week. I have been a user for several years. Long lasting results. I have tried many others and non compare!

Francois Deprix - Strasbourg May 2015

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Smile 4 You are the best. The first time I used it I did the recommended amount of applications. The results were far better than I expected for something so inexpensive and easy. Every one noticed something was different. Getting rid of those stubborn stains gives you an instant younger appearance.

John Thompson - Eastbourne May 2015

30 Day Money Back Guarantee On All Orders!


Your whitener is amazing. I still can't believe that something so simple, can make such a big difference. I have started brushing my teeth more now. It's like once you get the results, they look so good you don’t want to lose them. Thanks.

Will Bent – York May 2015

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  • Compliments make you feel great don’t they? Get ready to feel great as you’re showered with them.

We have thousands of testimonials, too many to list here (contact us for me). We would love you to be another testimonial, another happy customer with a bright white smile.

Our most popular package will get you results within 30 minutes. The choice is yours, you are reading this because you want better teeth and we can give you just that.

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