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Rated #1 Teeth Whitening Kit By The Daily Mail & Love It Magazine!

We have also featured on Oprah 5 times!

Dental White™ was the first whitening kit available with millions sold since 1989, giving it the longest proven track record.

Teeth Whitening TV and Magazines

Our kits have appeared on numerous TV shows, these include 5 appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show on "How to Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Days" since 2005. Yes, this is an American show, but it’s THE American show!

Featured 5 TIMES! Do you really think that if Smile 4 You, suppliers of Dental White™ wasn’t effective, we’d get THAT much airtime?

Of course not.

We were also featured on the very first series of Channel 5's "The Diet Doctors". And we have also been asked to supply kits for use on ITV’s “This Morning”.

Yes, all UK shows, so your fellow Brits are loving us too!

Once again, to get good reviews from shows like this, we HAVE to be effective.

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The Media Loves Denthal White, Exclusively


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The kits are also getting fantastic reviews in national AND international magazines each month and we continue to receive numerous requests for our kits from the media on a daily basis.

Other kits just don’t have the proof and results we have. Because no other kit has anywhere near our 20+ years of success!

See below for full details of how great other people say our kits are.

Bride Magazines

Brides magazine is the leading publication for weddings in the UK. They quote in the New Year issue how the kits are "Guaranteed to give the bride and groom fantastic smiles on their big day?

Adding that, the happy couple can be safe in the knowledge that they will have the perfect smile on their big day.

Health & Fitness Magazine

Health & Fitness magazine is a very well respected and long running magazine with a loyal and massive readership. The kits were reviewed and featured.

The magazine described them as the "best value for money teeth whitening procedure available".

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Love It! Magazinee

Love It Magazine reviewed our kits in their March 2009 issue. The kits were given 5 out of 5 and were declared the best in the UK for the 2nd time in 3 years.

The tester says "This is the next best thing to getting your teeth whitened professionally. The syringe makes it easy to apply the gel without any mess. It may not taste great, but that's a small sacrifice for a stunning smile.

14 day money back giarantee

Don’t forget your purchase is RISK FREE thanks to our iron clad 14 day money back guarantee.

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GQ Magazines

When GQ magazine decided to run a feature on the 10 essential items you need in your bathroom cabinet, they reviewed the kits they were so impressed by the value for money and the results that the kits produced that they included them as one of the 10 must have bathroom products.

Wired Magazine

The Latest fantastic review comes courtesy of Wired Magazine who reviewed the kits alongside 4 other popular brands.

The table shows that they found it the most effective of all the kits when it actually came to lightening the shade of your teeth. The magazine is quoted as saying "The Dr George's kit made a big difference to teeth lightness".

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Daily Mail

Another fantastic review comes courtesy of The Daily Mail who reviewed our kits alongside 8 other tooth whitening systems available within the UK.

They gave the kits the highest score out of any of the products rating it a fabulous 7/10. The publication is quoted as saying "It will definately whiten teeth more than the others".

To read the full review and see how Dental White received the BEST SCORE of any of the whitening products tested! Click Here

The Diet Doctors

The Diet Doctors Inside & Out, is now in its 4th season on Channel 5, having become a well established and well respected show.

In the series they take individuals and transform the way they eat and look to help them look and feel fabulous.

In series one, starring the respected Dr Wendy Denning and Nutritionalist Vicki Edgson, as part of the programme the participants take a course of home teeth whitening treatments using the kits we supply, the results are fantastic. The one common feature in all of the participants is their dazzling smiles, all achieved with our kits.

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The Oprah Winfrey Show

On Monday 21st February 2005, the Dental White™ Teeth whitener Kit we sell all over the world made its first of 5 appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show on a regular feature called “How to look 10 years younger in 10 days”.

51 year old Rosanne Byrne told Oprah how the Dental White™ Kit helped transform her looks and confidence.

She told Oprah how it had transformed her smile and her confidence and given her the motivation to keep herself looking young and full of health.

Nickleodeon TV

Ross Lee has carved himself a career on TV as a Presenter on the Childrens TV Show "The Ghoulies". This has lead Ross to mainstream opportunities, his teeth however were always a concern to him and his confidence.

His production Company got in touch with Smile 4 You and asked if we would be willing to supply Ross with some kits, we were delighted to help out and here is Ross's comments and thoughts on our kits.

"Until I discovered the tooth whitening kit sent to me by Smile 4 You I had resided myself in the fact that my teeth were destined to be yellow all my life. Not that this worried me, I'd actually grown quite attached to them, as much as they were attached to me! Also, having a children's horror show meant that yellow teeth actually enhanced my look, and an unappealing smile was actually an advantage.

But then prime time television beckoned and it wastime to head to mainstream, and suddenly my yellow teeth became a problem. But this problem soon disappeared, along with the stains, when I was introduced to Smile 4 You's and the amazing teeth whitening kit they supply.

After just a few sessions with the shield, my teeth began to have an eerie white glow about them and the horror show in my mouth was a thing of the past. Now I feel that I can smile with confidence and people won't run off screaming".

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“Remember 5 appearances on Oprah. You don’t get that level of exposure unless your product is worthy and effective.”

The British and American media are all talking about Dr Georges Dental White™. When an article is in the press about the best teeth whiteners available, you will find us there!

The above chart shows not just how quickly Dental White™ whitened teeth, but the amazing price of 12p per treatment and the fact that WE are the only one in the survey with an FDA certificate.

And keep in mind that we are up against some really big brands here.

But when you check out all these results, there really is only one choice!

The Best Whitener: Order Your Perfect Smile Today

Dental White™ is the ONLY tooth whitener you need so place your order easily online today!

Don’t forget your purchase is RISK FREE thanks to our iron clad 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just return for a FULL refund.

  • This is exactly the same formula as used by dentists. The only difference is the price!
  • Dental White™ contains 4 TIMES MORE GEL than any other teeth whitening kit available on the Internet today, for the same money.
  • The Gel also has a FANTASTIC SHELF LIFE OF 2 YEARS, meaning you can use the gel to top up your whiteness without having to purchase more ... saving you money.

All this is good, but what counts is how it actually improves your life, right?

Well you can expect a massive jump in how you view yourself and all thanks to the confidence your new smile will bring. You'll find your new confidence improves more aspects of your life than you ever thought possible:

  • Never worry again about your smile. Let it out! No more meek, closed lip grins! Finally have the confidence to smile BIG.
  • Having your photo taken, meeting new people, socialising or dating ... you’ll actually look forward to the things that used to worry you.
  • In your working life you’ll now breeze through public speaking, interviews or client meetings.
  • Get ready to soak up the compliments as everyone comments on your beautiful new smile.

So what exactly are you waiting for? Rated #1 by the British media, 4 times MORE GEL than any other rival, approved by the UK and USA authorities and approved by millions of past customers. Got questions? Read our frequently asked questions or order online today.

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