So how does the Blue Laser Light Unit actually work?

Using Patented Technology, these blue laser light units emit a special UV light that generates a fast reaction with the gel, speeding up the overall whitening process by up to 50%.

The light works on exactly the same principle and method that in-surgery laser whitening does. The light uses a light frequency of 468 nanometers to help break down the gels molecules quickly and safely. 

To use, open the unit by turning the top to the open position on the left hand side.

Remove the batteries and then remove the tab. Replace the batteries with the plus sign facing upwards. Both batteries need to be in the unit for it to operate. Replace the top and lock by turning it to the locked position. Your unit is now ready to use.

Prepare your gel and tray as normal and insert onto the set of teeth that you are whitening. Press the button on the blue light unit. You should see a blue light being emitted from the front of the unit, then either hold in front of your mouth tray or place into your mouth in front of your tray. The blue light units have a timer of 10 minutes so if using for longer periods you will need to reset the white button.

Operates with 2 x C2025 batteries. 


If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you’ll love our Teeth Whitening Essential Aftercare Gels!

They help to preserve your beautiful new smile!
Over time your teeth become sensitive as enamel erodes or gumline recedes. This exposes tiny microscopic holes that lead directly to the nerves inside the tooth.

Our special Aftercare Gels work to replace essential minerals that your teeth may have lost.

The gel crystallises to form hydroxyapatite, the primary material in teeth and bone. The gel disperses this into the tooth structure to fill the microscopic holes and repair early cavities, actually making the teeth stronger. It is ideal for use in conjunction with our whitening kits if you have sensitive teeth, which will also help prolong your results.

So what’s in the Aftercare Gels?

Ingredients: Calcium, Fluoride & Phosphate

Remineralisation Gel strengthens and revitalises your teeth by increasing the calcium content - it's essential for strength.

When you use the Remineralisation Gel, Calcium Phosphate, (which is the primary mineral in your teeth and bones) disperses into your teeth to fill the microscopic holes on the surface of the tooth, making them stronger and more resistant to decay. Not only will your smile be radiant, it’ll be long lasting too!

Remineralisation Gel increases the hardness of your tooth enamel and assists in decreasing tooth sensitivity. No more pain!

This is great for people who experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.  

Remember, the Aftercare Gels are already included in our most popular option!

Warning: Keep products out of children's reach. You may see a slight residue of gel on your pen - this is normal and does not affect the performance of the gel. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth.


Warm & Form Mouth Trays Instructions

Boil water and fill a cup/container with enough to enable you to submerge one of the mouth trays fully.

Grasp the tab on the tray and submerge the tray into the water for 6 seconds. Do not submerge the tab in the water and be careful to keep your fingers out of the water at all times.

Lift the tray straight up out of the water, allowing the hot water to run off and out of the tray.

Carefully and quickly place the tray onto the set of teeth you are forming the tray for.

Bite down on the tray and use your fingers to press against the front of the tray to enable it to form around your teeth and gums.

Push your tongue up against the back of the tray and suck out all the air and water from the tray.

Keep the tray in position for 30 seconds then remove and then place the tray under cool, running water to set to a firm shape.