There is also something else you need to consider before you buy a tooth whitener...

The strength of the whitener is VERY important. More is NOT better. Our whitener is the optimum strength . . . that’s one of the reasons we have an FDA certificate. You may see products online offering much higher levels of peroxide and claiming they can deliver faster results - they don’t tell you that those high levels can burn your gums and damage your teeth.

Dr George’s Dental White™ is the most popular original whitener. We have sold millions of kits, making our  customers happy since 1989. As you can see in the chart below, there is NO comparison when it comes to pure value for money. At only 12p per treatment, our nearest competitor on price is over FOUR AND A HALF TIMES more expensive. One of our competitors is THIRTEEN TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE! Take advantage of our special offer pricing, place your order today.


30 Day money back guarantee! What does this mean to you? You can order today, receive the product next day (in most cases) and then try it. If it isn't for you, send it back and you will be refunded - simple. We only have an handful of returns each year on millions of orders worldwide!

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